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Container Area I


Our Container Area I focuses on 1.5 to 5-litre container plants. These are primarily perennials, bamboo, cherry laurels, buxus and the basic conifer range.

Container Area II


Container Area II is the cultivation area above all for 2.5 to 6-litre plants. The focus here is on roses, perennials, dwarf fruit trees and small trees.

Container Area III


Container Area III is primarily the location where our Botanico® range is produced. High-quality conifers in pot sizes from 1.5 to 30 litres are cultivated here. Dwarf deciduous shrubs and roses are grown in a hot house.

Container Area IV


On our Container Area IV, we grow container plants from 2 to 15 litres. These mainly include rhododendrons, azaleas and plain deciduous shrubs.

Container Area V


All our 15 and 35-litre XXL plants are cultivated on Container Area V. They include a broad range of deciduous and conifer shrubs as well as trees and grasses.



The hydrangeas of the Endless Summer® collection are cultivated in special hot houses covering an area of 5 hectares in Klazienaveen (Netherlands). Our precise culture control makes sure that the plants are ready to go on sale in early April.

Logistics centre


Whatever the weather or time of day, in our 15,000 m² logistics centre we prepare and pack our goods perfectly for sale in your garden centre. You can rely on cleaned pots, pine bark to prevent weeds, price and EAN labels as well as photo labels. We supply all year round throughout Germany at least twice a week.

Rose house


In our greenhouse of the new generation, we produce some of our roses. Among other things, the popular Côte d'Azur roses are grown here.

Show garden


Surrounding the house of the zu Jeddeloh family is a spacious, park-like estate that has grown over the years to cover some two hectares. It is looked after and constantly expanded by Sabine zu Jeddeloh and her team.
Together with the English garden expert and author Adrian Bloom, we have created 5 themed gardens over the last 10 years:
The unique Blooms Hills with the impressive Rozanne River from the Rozanne® geranium range, which blooms from May until the frost period begins, the year-round garden with lots of grasses, a pond and gazebo, the Alpinum with a small viewing platform, the hedge garden which forms the heart of the conifer collection and the new walled garden with conifers and perennials arranged according to their geographical origins.