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Climb the ladder to your personal career goal

For many years, we have been valued as a successful vocational training company. That's because our apprentices learn much more than the standard in the industry. Apprentices who perform particularly well can look forward to attractive bonuses.

For this reason, we are among the top vocational training companies in the green business, and can proudly display the T.A.G. logo. Top Training in Gardening.


Gardener 2.0 – embark on a varied career with good future prospects

Technical and botanical subjects are the main pillars of the apprenticeship: From ground clearance to plant production to logistics - gardeners today no longer work on the ground with a spade! The normal apprenticeship duration is three years. Very good apprentices can accomplish it in two years.

Here you can find out all about your apprenticeship options at zu Jeddeloh Pflanzen.
Climb from level to level and achieve your personal goals on the career ladder. You can count on our support!


Find your path to the future at zu Jeddeloh Pflanzen

The overview below shows the structure of your Nursery Gardener apprenticeship. The start is at the bottom left.
From the first to the third level or year, you will tackle specific tasks which are explained in more detail on the following pages.
When you accomplish the tasks, you gain experience credits. The more experience you build up over your apprenticeship, the better you are prepared for the final exam and your subsequent profession.
What next after the apprenticeship? On the following pages you'll find lots of opportunities you can take to achieve the career you want.



  • In the first year of the apprenticeship, you get to know our company and the nursery gardening trade on various levels.
  • Important tools in your daily work are vehicles (tractors/mules) and a wide range of technical tools
  • Another main focus is getting to know the plants. We also offer in-house classroom training where you can back up your knowledge of botanical names and key characteristics.
  • That means you not only learn at vocational school, but you can also gain lots of experience credits in the company right from the start.


  • In the second year, you delve much deeper into the gardening trade. A key aspect here is plant propagation.
  • You gain an insight into various methods of propagation and learn how to cultivate young plants into perfect products.
  • It's important to us that you receive individual support so you can develop in the direction of your goals (e.g. technical training)
  • In our 'Bonus Level' you have the opportunity to take part in events with other apprentices from around Germany (e.g. trade fairs or the T.A.G. Apprentice Day). This is another area where you can earn extra experience credits.


  • Now you're on the home straight of your apprenticeship and you are also a role model for other apprentices.
  • You learn even more intensively about the technical side of the gardener profession: The curriculum covers the challenging operation of tools such as the netting and winding machine as well as the care and repair of various vehicles and tools
  • You also take on more and more independent work, e.g. deliveries or independent coordination of work routines - depending on the direction you want to take.
  • After intensive preparation, you sit the theory and practical exams. Thanks to all your experience credits, you should clear this final hurdle easily!


Qualified! What next?

Although qualification opens up many opportunities for apprentices, we want to keep the talents we have nurtured at zu Jeddeloh Pflanzen.
This doesn't have to be as a journeyman gardener.
For instance, you can train further to become a master gardener or a state-examined technician, or join our Sales department to become a customer consultant. Of course, you can also go on to university, because there are many exciting courses in the green industry.

You can find in-depth information on further training opportunities in our Apprentice Brochure.


Then send your full application documents to:

zu Jeddeloh Pflanzenhandels GmbH
for the attention of Ms. Bohlen-Drewes
Post box 1362
D-26183 Edewecht

or email us at:


More information?

Brochure (5,9MB)

Download our apprentice brochure as a PDF file. Here you'll find all the information about apprenticeships at a glance. There's also an in-depth overview of the many options open to you after you qualify.


Always up to date: Visit us on Facebook to find lots of current information on apprenticeships as well as tips on events, trade fairs and other news.


You want to get to know our company before your apprenticeship live and in full colour? We also offer internships and taster days. Simply email us at or call on 04405-9180-0.