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Zepeti®: A rose with genuine star quality

One look at this rose, and you're wowed! Your next thought: "Is it real?" Yes, it is! With its mass of red blooms, it looks like a painting. The leaves sparkle and shine in dark green.
No patches, no leaf rust, no other nasty rose diseases. From a distance, you'd think it was artificial! There's never been anything like it: Always in flower, always healthy, always wow!
And it's no wonder, considering the plant's fine pedigree: a cross between an endlessly flowering dwarf rose and a vigorous Knock-Out® rose.
At last, a rose with genuine star quality!







It flowers and flowers and flowers...

Zepeti blooms constantly, giving the impression of a gorgeous bouquet in your flower bed.

Even after they wilt, the flowers still look fabulous. They turn a lighter shade and seem to be preserved.

So there's no need to dead-head the plant: simply leave it that way. The rose looks no less lovely. On the contrary!

This is what makes Zepeti so easy to care for.



Healthy leaves, no chemical warfare

Zepeti has no need at all for chemical protection.

It is extremely resistant to fungi such as mildew, black rot and rose rust, and also withstands extreme heat or frost.

Shapes up beautifully in pots or flower beds

Zepeti® is a glorious sight, not only in flower beds combined with small shrubs and perennials.

Its compact, round form makes it also perfect in pots on a patio or urban balcony.

Simply water and enjoy – without any fuss or demanding care needs.

Innovation from the Meilland breeding lab

Zepeti®, a genuine innovation in the world of roses from the Meilland breeding facility in France.
Today, the family-owned company in the sixth generation breeds internationally successful roses.
Its full name is Rosa x Hybridia ‚Zepeti‘® var. Meibenbino.