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XXL plants -
for gardens with big ideas!

A green oasis in the stress of everyday life does everybody good.
More than ever, urban backyards, balconies and tiny corners in cities are being converted into green spaces. With comfy furniture, stylish accessories and of course plants!

In spring, garden fans want fast results. The outdoor living room needs to be ready immediately, without a lot of effort.
That's where our winter-hardy XXL plants come in. Just a few of them transform a dreary patch of concrete into a green oasis in no time!


Buy - plant - and you're done!

More and more people are looking to their own garden for relaxation. They also upgrade their balconies and patios with comfy furniture and stylish accessories.
Our XXL plants are the perfect, winter-hardy pot plants to make this dream of a bit of paradise come true.

The success story of our XXL plants is based above all on their exceptional quality which results from the pot-in-pot production method.
This combines the advantages of container and open-field cultivation, and makes the plants very special:
They grow well, are more resistant to diseases and require fewer pesticides.
So your customers get robust plants in clean pots with full roots. They are available all year round.

To make end consumers more aware of these advantages, we regularly place press articles and ads in well-known gardening magazines and daily papers.


The production method


Usually, plants of this size are only cultivated in the open field. But six years ago, we tested an extraordinary cultivation method from the U.S. and refined it until it was ready for series production - the "pot in pot system". This method combines the advantages of both container and open-field cultivation. The potted plants are in a second container which is sunk into the earth. Underground container production offers the advantage of better protection against extreme temperature variations so the plants suffer less from heat, frost or dehydration. This means they grow well, are more resistant to diseases and require fewer pesticides. Unlike open-field plants, these hardy plants are sold in clean pots, fully rooted and available almost year-round - from January to November.



End consumer website

At, end consumers can find in-depth information on our XXL range as well as a dealer search function. They can simply enter their post code to find garden centres in their area that sell XXL plants.