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The Schlossgarten
hydrangea collection

Our Schlossgarten hydrangeas are bred with love in Dresden – the hydrangea capital.

The collection includes many magnificent varieties with names taken from Saxon historical features, art and cultural treasures or well-known tourist attractions.
Stand-out features of Schlossgarten hydrangeas are harmonious growth, especially strong stems, good branching, intensive colours and elegant flower heads.

The stylish logo on the pots refers to the baroque castle of Wackerbarth as well as the origin of the hydrangea and the over 100-year breeding tradition in Dresden.


How to transform a garden into
a castle garden ...

It's what many garden enthusiasts dream of: An enchanted garden with lush blooms just like in a fairy tale.
With its large range of varieties and colours, our Schlossgarten hydrangea collection makes dreams come true and magically brings romantic flair to gardens, balconies and patios.
Take for example our hydrangea varieties such as 'Grünes Gewölbe' (Green Vault) or 'Gräfin Cosel' (Duchess Cosel). They stand out for unusual colour plays consisting of two or three different shades as well as excellent cultivation characteristics.
Yet also our single-colour varieties enchant with intensive colours and extravagant flower shapes.
Characteristic of all varieties are strong stems, good branching and intensive colours.
This hydrangea can wake up any garden and instantly breathe new life into it.