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Fruit based on tradition

regional, healthy and

Lots of people have lost their trust in fruit because of produce from mass production abroad. Instead, they choose organic products or buy from regional producers at markets.

The ancient tradition of growing your own food is also finding its way back into our gardens. A particular trend that has taken off in recent years is growing your own berries.
And no wonder, because raspberries, blackcurrants, blueberries and the like not only deliver healthy, vitamin-rich and fresh fruits. The plants are also attractive to look at. With their pretty flowers in spring, they can compete with many decorative perennials.


With Hof:Obst®, we respond exactly to this trend and supply a new, high-value concept.

It stands for quality cultivation in a German nursery garden with a long tradition, and relies on the important purchasing criteria "origin" and "regional production".
That gains the trust of end consumers and gives them security.
We're confident this trend that food retailers have already taken on board will also work in garden centres.

The plants from the Hof:Obst range are available in the sizes C3 (berries), C6 on trellises (duo and trio forms), C7.5 (fruits with cores and stones) and of course also in our XXL plant range as C15 XXL or C18 XXL HA.
You will find select, proven varieties in the Hof:Obst® range. They ensure bumper crops and satisfied customers.


Quality directly from

Centuries ago, the zu Jeddeloh family farm provided the origin of the village of the same name. Ever since, both have been inextricably linked. The zu Jeddeloh family has been cultivating the land for 15 generations now. We follow a tradition of respectful use of natural resources, sustained cultivation of soil and produce as well as a belief in the power of nature.

A picture says more than a thousand words: To emotionally convey our concept to end consumers, the labels show our original house - a farmhouse that could come straight from a picture book, with half-timbers and old brickwork. The image underlines the strengths of our products: high-quality fruit cultivated in Germany in an MPS-certified nursery garden. It inspires trust at a glance.