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The Endless Summer® collection

Endless Summer® hydrangeas were the first varieties worldwide to blossom on old as well as new wood so that they produce new blooms all through summer. For many years, this gave the Endless Summer® collection a monopoly position on the hydrangea market, which made it correspondingly well known.

For 12 years, we have been continuously promoting the brand on all communication channels: with ads in the best-known gardening magazines, press, radio and TV reports, a dedicated Facebook site and online marketing activities.

The growing awareness of the product has developed into a deep trust in the brand, because the name keeps its promise:

All Endless Summer® varieties are repeat-flowering so they flower over the whole season, and they are extremely winter hardy up to -30° C. They will bloom every year - no matter how severe the winter!

Endless Summer® hydrangeas automatically call to mind summer, sun and holidays!

There is hardly a front garden in Brittany, Provence or southern England that does not enchant with these breathtaking beauties.

With hydrangeas from the Endless Summer® collection, any garden can be quickly transformed into an oasis that prolongs that holiday feeling.

A riot of flowers for Mother's Day

What gives Endless Summer® hydrangeas the advantage over other varieties is that they flower earlier.

We supply Endless Summer® hydrangeas as early as the end of April, when they are already showing their colours and bear a multitude of buds. That is guaranteed by our long-established cultivation method in modern greenhouses. It makes the plants ideal as a Mother's Day gift that keeps on giving. A different kind of bouquet which continues to bloom throughout the summer, year after year!
The Mother's Day campaigns in recent years considerably boosted awareness of the brand. We provide garden centres with the appropriate advertising material.

A heart for Mother's Day? Sales are supported at your POS by ads and press articles.


Endless Summer® online


The end consumer website of the Endless Summer® collection, with lots of information about the brand.


This is where we provide all hydrangea fans with news, care tips for the weather and the season and much more.

The Original

The American hydrangea breeder Prof. Dr. Michael Dirr discovered the world's first remontant farmer's hydrangea and named it Endless Summer®.

The name says it all, because this plant flowers tirelessly all summer long and every 6 weeks or so, like a rose, it forms new, large spherical flowers.
Endless Summer® 'The Original' is available in the colours blue and pink in the characteristic blue pot.
The plants grow in a compact shape, making them equally suitable for patios and balconies.
Planted in the garden, they can grow to a height of up to 1.5 m. Ideal is a location in the half-shade, with sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.



The Bride

Here is the first repeat-flowering farmer's hydrangea in fashionable white. The full, white flowers reflect light and brighten up gardens in the half-shade or shade.

The compact shape of Endless Summer® 'The Bride' makes it an ideal pot plant – as an elegant solo player or combined in a team with other plants.
One look at the abundant flowers lifts the spirit. Even in urban roof gardens the plant creates a romantic, rural flair, which can be underlined with wicker baskets or wooden plant holders.
It can grow to a height and width of 1.5 m and flourishes best in the half-shade. And of course, 'The Bride' is perfect for weddings – both as decoration and as a wedding gift.



The world's first remontant disc-shaped hydrangea - reason enough for any hydrangea fan to break into song and dance!
Let’s Twist-N-Shout!

Endless Summer® 'Twist-N-Shout' is a long-flowering disc-shaped hydrangea with gorgeous flowers that grow around a pointed centre.
The plant is available in blue or pink. As the flowers start to wilt, 'Twist-N-Shout' changes to fashionable purple.
Additional features in its favour are the compact, vigorous and upright growth, making it ideal as a pot plant for balconies and patios.
It grows to a height and width of 1 - 1.5 m and flourishes best in the half-shade.



This plant fully lives up to its name. Due to its extreme abundance of flowers, the breeder and his team initially dubbed their new creation 'Rockstar', which was later changed to 'BloomStar'®.

The newest member of the Endless Summer® family has even more to offer than countless flowers. Its pretty red stems are extremely strong in order to support the especially luxuriant balls of blooms.
The shiny, dark green leaves – with red veins – provide a beautiful contrast with the bright pink or brilliant blue-purple flowers. 'BloomStar'® is also very heat and disease-resistant.
Just like all the other remontant Endless Summer® varieties in the collection, it is extremely frost resistant up to -30°C. That means it's guaranteed to flower every year, no matter how severe the winter was!



Summer Love®

Finally, the long-awaited raspberry-red newcomer to the Endless Summer hydrangea collection has arrived!

The new Summer Love® really is love at first sight. Not only the vivid colour, but also the perfect figure are irresistible. Short internodes make them more compact than the other members of the family, so they are also ideal for patios or balconies.

And of course, the plant blooms on the new and old wood, quickly replenishing the flowers – for endless summer love!