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Are you ready for the berry revolution?

Blueberries and blackberries are healthy and delicious. Growing them in gardens or pots on the patio is becoming ever more popular. Unfortunately, the plants don't look very attractive. If you have limited space – for instance on your balcony or patio – you probably prefer pretty flowering plants and decorative shrubs. Now, with the new BrazelBerry®, you can have both: Beautiful plants and delicious berries!

These plants beat a whole lot of attractive deciduous shrubs hands down because they combine so many advantages.

They grow as compact as box, blossom in spring, and their leaves vary like lavender – depending on the variety from bright pink to apricot.


What makes BrazelBerry® so unique?

  • Lots of delicious, healthy fruits to eat by the handful
  • Beautiful plants that grow in a compact form
  • Breathtaking leaf colour changes from bright pink to apricot
  • Excellent as pot plants
  • Stunning on balconies and patios



PINK BREEZE® - Growth in time-lapse

JELLY BEAN® - Growth in time-lapse

PEACH SORBET® - Growth in time-lapse

BABY CAKES® - Growth in time-lapse

The story behind BrazelBerry®

The BrazelBerry® Collection comes from the breeding team of US berry nursery Fall Creek® in the beautiful state of Oregon, USA.

The nursery was founded in the 70's, and today it is one of the world's most successful berry propagators for the food retail industry.
Determined to create the perfect berry plants for home gardens, Brazelton devoted 20 years to developing his BrazelBerry® range:
an ideal combination of ornamental and fruit plants. The Brazelton family vouches for that with their name: Brazel(ton)Berry.



Your favourite fruits for baking and cooking

Harvest your favourite fruit from your favourite plant!

It's easy with BrazelBerry® blueberries and blackberries.
Easy home-grown food remains on trend: the berries can be freshly picked and eaten straight away as real vitamin bombs, or used for baking, cooking and preserving.
Our BrazelBerry® fans on Facebook love our creative recipe ideas. In future, we'll also regularly update them on our end consumer website.
There are almost endless ways of using the delicious and healthy berries!




The BrazelBerry® end consumer website with lots of information about the brand.


This is where all blueberry fans can go for news, recipes, care information and more.

Raspberry Shortcake®

This raspberry tastes as good as the name already implies: Raspberry Shortcake® is sweet and aromatic. Its decorative vegetation makes it the perfect plant for every garden and every balcony. It is very compact and carries many, many big, sweet berries, that can be harvested easy as pie, without any thorns! That makes it the perfect variety for family gardens. Another bonus: Raspberry Shortcake® does not need trellis or cordons, like common raspberries.




The name says it: From foliage to growth - this compact vaccinium angustifolium variety looks confusingly similar to Buxwood - but with one crucial difference: Numerous, delicious blueberries for snacking! The harvest of just a small plant in a 6 liter pot is incredible: 1200 berries have been harvested in our test garden this year. So the plants are not just decorative Boxwood-like figures for the garden, they also supply plenty of healthy nutrients.



Pink Breeze®

Pink Breeze® comes with breathtaking foliage colours all year round.
In the spring, the dark green leaves shimmer with a hint of pink that glitters like a layer of frost in the sunset. In autumn, deep blues and greens dominate the palette.
Apart from its unique leaf colour changes, Pink Breeze® also offers a high fruit yield with XL-size berries.
So, like all the varieties in the BrazelBerry® collection, Pink Breeze® is not only beautiful, but also delicious!



Peach Sorbet®

Peach Sorbet® fully lives up to its name.
In spring, the variety produces lovely shoots with fresh shades that call to mind a delicious peach sorbet.
And when it comes to taste, the blueberries continue the theme with a tropical, juicy-sweet peach aroma.
In late summer, the leaves shade to deep red-purple, making Peach Sorbet® is a feast for the eyes in autumn as well.



Jelly Bean®

With its extremely compact shape, Jelly Bean® looks like a round bowling ball.
That makes it a charming addition to any small corner on a balcony or patio.
The light green new growth of Jelly Bean® in spring provides a brilliant display. As the summer progresses, the leaves turn a slightly darker green, and the tips turn bright red in the autumn.
Despite the plant's compactness, Jelly Bean® stands our for an especially high yield.
The host of small blueberries taste just as sweet as the famous American jelly beans.



Baby Cakes®

This blackberry has earned its name because Baby Cakes® is sugar sweet in all senses.

It has nothing like the straggly look of normal blackberry varieties that tend to get tucked out of sight at the very back of the garden.
On the contrary: the plants are compact, almost spherical, practically thorn-free and produce abundant, aromatic fruits!

They are perfect even for small urban balconies - adding decorative flair as well as delicious snacks!