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Design for gardens,
patios and balconies

Founded by Johann-Dietrich zu Jeddeloh Senior, our company is today known globally for conifer breeding and cultivation.

He is one of the most internationally renowned conifer specialists. His collection is outstanding.
Overall, he has collected, examined, selected and propagated about 1,000 conifers from around the world. Tsuga canadensis "Jeddeloh" was the first runaway success of his work as a grower, earning him many awards.







Even today, we still devote a lot of love and gardening expertise to cultivating a wide range of high-quality conifers for the Botanico® brand.

Employees who have worked for us for many years, including masters, technicians and engineers, apply the knowledge passed on by the senior director and take care of plant cultivation with expertise and passion. That's why we always deliver uniform quality, despite large volumes and a wide range.

The Botanico® brand from zu Jeddeloh is exactly tailored to the new garden generation:
To people who want to create a feel-good garden in a jiffy, without having to wait for visible success. Once planted, they are evergreen, always classy, always in shape and always easy care. That goes for balcony plants just as much as large design conifers.


A wide choice of colours and shapes for variety in the garden.

We've reinvigorated conifers with target-group-oriented themes and by appealing directly to customers. Above all, couples who both work or young families have spotted the advantages. Quite simply, our conifers are always in shape, always green, always stylish - effortlessly! Customers who make the right choice can enjoy their plants for many years.

With spherical, pillar-shaped and design conifers, the Botanico® range offers a large variety of lovely trees that give any garden an individual look. Above all the large spherical or conical plants go well in modern garden designs, while the small variants in all colours and shapes are ideal for all-year-round good looks on balconies.
We're confident that, properly placed, Botanico® conifers are top sellers in any garden centre!



Easy care all year round

Spring, summer, autumn and winter – Botanico® conifers are always green and always attractive - without any effort. That's perfect for anybody who has little time to devote to their balcony or garden, but still wants beautiful plants.

The range includes a large selection of especially high quality conifers which grow slowly and therefore keep their shape. Box spheres are also evergreen, but they need to be trimmed regularly, while Botanico® conifers keep their shape by themselves: whether round, conical or special design. There's no danger of boredom, because all greens are not the same! The large spectrum of needle colours ranges from light and dark green to different blue, silver and yellow shades.


End consumer website

At, end consumers can find detailed information on our Botanico® range as well as a dealer search function. They can simply enter their post code to find out which nearby garden centre sells Botanico® plants.