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Blueberries and blackberries are healthy and delicious. Growing them in gardens or pots on the patio is becoming ever more popular. Unfortunately, the plants don't look very attractive. If you have limited space – for instance on your balcony or patio – you probably prefer pretty flowering plants and decorative shrubs. Now, with the new BrazelBerry®, you can have both: Beautiful plants and delicious berries!

These plants beat a whole lot of attractive deciduous shrubs hands down because they combine so many advantages.

They grow as compact as box, blossom in spring, and their leaves vary like lavender – depending on the variety from bright pink to apricot.



Endless Summer®

Endless Summer® hydrangeas were the first varieties worldwide to blossom on old as well as new wood so that they produce new blooms all through summer. For many years, this gave the Endless Summer® collection a monopoly position on the hydrangea market, which made it correspondingly well known.


All Endless Summer® varieties are repeat-flowering so they flower over the whole season, and they are extremely winter hardy up to -30° C. They will bloom every year - no matter how severe the winter!




With spherical, pillar-shaped and design conifers, the Botanico® range offers a large variety of lovely trees that give any garden an individual look. Above all the large spherical or conical plants go well in modern garden designs, while the small variants in all colours and shapes are ideal for all-year-round good looks on balconies.

We're confident that, properly placed, Botanico® conifers are top sellers in any garden centre!




Lots of people have lost their trust in fruit because of produce from mass production abroad. Instead, they choose organic products or buy from regional producers at markets.
The ancient tradition of growing your own food is also finding its way back into our gardens. A particular trend that has taken off in recent years is growing your own berries.

With Hof:Obst, we respond exactly to this trend and supply a new, high-value concept.
It stands for quality cultivation in a German nursery garden with a long tradition, and relies on the important purchasing criteria "origin" and "regional production".



Schloss­garten Hortensien

Our Schlossgarten hydrangeas are bred with love in Dresden – the hydrangea capital.


The collection includes many magnificent varieties with names taken from Saxon historical features, art and cultural treasures or well-known tourist attractions.

Stand-out features of Schlossgarten hydrangeas are harmonious growth, especially strong stems, good branching, intensive colours and elegant flower heads.

The stylish logo on the pots refers to the baroque castle of Wackerbarth as well as the origin of the hydrangea and the over 100-year breeding tradition in Dresden.




Côte d'Azur Rosen

The scented roses of the Côte d’Azur collection unite everything you love about Provence:


Elegant roses that look like works of art, some multi-coloured and with breathtaking scents. Fruity aromas such as peach, apricot and raspberry combine with the sweet bouquet of lavender, vanilla or violets.

All the varieties are almost thornless and bloom from as early as May to the first frost.

These roses are instantly recognisable as varieties from NIRP International in southern France because they are sold in azure-blue pots with labels showing attractive photos. For that holiday feeling …




A green oasis in the stress of everyday life does everybody good.


More than ever, urban backyards, balconies and tiny corners in cities are being converted into green spaces. With comfy furniture, stylish accessories and of course plants!

In spring, garden fans want fast results. The outdoor living room needs to be ready immediately, without a lot of effort.

That's where our winter-hardy XXL plants come in. Just a few of them transform a dreary patch of concrete into a green oasis in no time!