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Quality produced by us

Plant producer and certified nursery garden

For more than 80 years, we have demonstrated our competence in the production and sale of nursery plants.

Today, our company ranks among Europe's leading container nursery gardens and full-range producers.

Right in the heart of Ammerland, Germany's premier nursery garden region, we cultivate quality deciduous trees and conifers, rhododendrons, roses and perennials.

As a full-service provider, we are known for quality plants from our own production, excellent customer service both on site and by phone as well as professional marketing.



NEW: Our in-house print shop

New at zu Jeddeloh Pflanzen: Our in-house print shop prints customised labels to your order at the press of a button. With this new just-in-time method, we can produce plant labels tailored to your requirements. Your own font, logo, article numbers - you tell us what you want, and we do the rest. Uniform labels in the garden centre set you apart from the competition. Your products get a distinctive look that customers remember.

Zepeti®: A rose with genuine star quality

One look at this rose, and you're wowed! Your next thought: "Is it real?" Yes, it is! With its mass of red blooms, it looks like a painting. The leaves sparkle and shine in dark green.
No patches, no leaf rust, no other nasty rose diseases. From a distance, you'd think it was artificial! There's never been anything like it: Always in flower, always healthy, always wow!
And it's no wonder, considering the plant's fine pedigree: a cross between an endlessly flowering dwarf rose and a vigorous Knock-Out® rose.
At last, a rose with genuine star quality!


Bee Happy®

Help bees and insects

Bees and other pollinators are among the most important of animals. That's because 80 percent of crops need to be pollinated. So helping our buzzing friends also helps us.


Join our team

As one of Germany's leading producers of nursery plants, we offer a wide range of exciting jobs and are always looking for new talents to strengthen our team.